Royal Enfield better mileage bike

Why should one prefer Royal Enfield over other better mileage bikes?

Royal Enfield better mileage bike –

Manoj Keshwar, 25+ years with a Royal Enfield. Have ridden it to the most rugged terrains.
Royal Enfield better mileage bike
Royal Enfield better mileage bike

Royal Enfield better mileage bike – The Royal Enfield has survived its extinction and continues to be a rage in India – and that is because at no point of time Indian Army parted ways with Royal Enfield. That brings me to the most important facet of this classic bike –
It Is War-Worthy”.

Having seen a lot of it in the Army days, I remain a  big fan of this machine. Its gives you a sense and feeling of certain reliability and assurance that it
‘ .. will complete the journey and not ditch you half way through it ‘.

After my 21 years in the Army, I have got into a personal ambition to ride all across the world and hence have raised a business that enables me to earn a living and also ride around the world.

I have been riding Royal Enfield in the most rugged of  all the terrains – Ladakh, Zanskar, Lahaul Spiti, Bhutan, Sikkim, North East and rest of India. I said earlier- it will not ditch midway through your journey and .. it does cross the finish line with dignity. As for now I am planning an epic ride across the North East on to Myanmar, Thailand and to end in Singapore ( about 7000+ kms). My most preferred choice to do this journey where not many have ventured is none other than- The Royal Enfield.
Royal Enfield better mileage bike
So this now brings me the attributes that make the bike ‘War- Worthy’ and these are detailed in the following paras.

a. Light and Heavy – it not as heavy to handle as a harley nor too light that it would get affected by the rubble, slush or winds. It has the right weight and power to make it a best bet for a long distance cruiser.

b. The Manly Sound of Exhaust – The sound of ‘Bullet’ – as it is locally known in India, is a stuff of legends. 80% of them have been going and buying the Bullet for only its sound. In most of the rural areas – its the sound which is the most attractive USP of this wholesome machine. You take the sound out of Bullet – and see how the sales will plummet.

c. Reliability – The machine is simple and there is nothing a person cannot learn to do things himself. So if you ride out alone exploring the wilderness, you could handle most to the common faults yourself. That is a big plus.

d. Repairability – In India you can repair this bike at every nook and corner o the country. Now that makes it the most trust-worthy machine to hazard a solo ride in a country like India – punters, clutches, brakes, oils everything can be handled by a local mechanic. There is no better bike to ride the roads on India. And the spare parts – well they too are available all over.

e. Riding Comfort – RE has a posture that is straight seating and it enables you to strike the most erect pose for a long distance ride. Your feet, hands and back are all good to go the long distances on Indian roads. Its large wheels handle the potholes, gravel and slush pretty effortlessly.

f. City and Country Fit –  The bike fits the city and country rides pretty well. And it suites all the styles. It remains a head-turner and take the pole position anywhere in India.

g. Mileage – well its not bad in this category too. With improved technology it does give a  mileage of 30+ km to a litre of petrol. Now that is double of harley or any sport bike.

h. Value for Money – Last but not the least – a 500 cc bike less than Rs 2 Lacs – and and iconic presence in the road – well this really is a great value for money.

No wonder then, that it is the Longest under production machine in the entire motorcycle history and the most preferred for the rugged terrains. My next journey on RE is through the un-explored jungle of Burma or erstwhile Myanmar.

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