Expensive silencer Royal Enfield

Which is the most expensive silencer for Royal Enfield?

Expensive silencer Royal Enfield – As far as I have seen, Khalidaro exhausts are quite expensive where all their exhaust range are above Rs.11000.

Cannon will cost 12,000/-

Short shift will cost 8,000/-

Multi bend cobra will cost 16,000/-

Expensive silencer Royal Enfield
Expensive silencer Royal Enfield

Next to it is the red rooster performance exhaust.

Comes in different colors – 9900/- max.



red rooster performance exhaust.
red rooster performance exhaust.

According to me as my search Red Rooster is the costliest one. As it is priced to hard pocket of 9k. It is manufactured by A car automotive manufacture in bangalore . But nowadays cops have target the bullet which have modified exhaust as it’s breaking emission norms and creating huge nuisance. Earlier they were least concerned about it few days back in Bangalore

Cops have become more responsible you know what I mean the fine amount they are interested. If you be perfect in every documents proof also they take some or other issues in mind and make a cat fight . So ensure that in ur place it safe to modify the exhaust


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