Royal enfield service tips

Royal enfield service tips

Royal enfield service tips –  Get your enfield serviced every 3000 kms. Keep a regular check on your chain if it is dried up, always keep your chain wet (oil/grease). Drying of chain may lead to rusting of the same and then it depreciates the quality. One needs to keep a regular check on these during monsoon.

And most important is to get a good mechanic who will do the needful and do only what is good for your enfield and guide you further.

Royal enfield service tips

Here’s what all you need to check as far as I know:

  1. Engine oil: Change it.
  2. Oil filter & strainer: Change it.
  3. Check all cables (Accelerator, clutch brake)
  4. check spark plug – clean/ replace it
  5. check tappet settings – set them right to get proper valve clearance (do not overtight them!)
  6. Check primary chain condition and tension (older standard bullets not UCE engine)
  7. Check main chain and sprocket. Tighten it accordingly. Replace if worn out.
  8. Check tyres for uneven wear. If found evidence of uneven wear then check the bearings and other handling/ suspension components and get it fixed.
  9. Battery: Check for water in the battery and voltage output.
  10. Brakes: Check and replace brake pads (disc brakes) and brake shoes (drum brakes)
  11. Check carb – clean jets, check sliders, check float, check carb to engine seal etc.)
  12. Check clutch cover gasket (left side) as well as cam + timing cover gaskets (right side)
  13. Check all lights, bulbs and indicators
  14. Check clutchplates: Replace if worn out

I will advise to download the manual and make a checklist of what all needed to be checked and fixed at 3k service. Mechanic usually dont do all the things and are done with Engine oil change, Air filter cleaning/replacement and chain lubing (No carb tuning/Electrical parts inspection/shockers check)
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