Best ways to maintain a royal enfield bullet

Royal Enfield Bullet Maintenance – What is the best way to maintain a royal enfield bullet?

General Maintenance:

  • Never ever run with less than 3 litres of fuel
  • Lube the drive chain every 500kms
  • Never rev hard in neutral
  • Wipe the bike clean every week to avoid rust
  • Keep an eye on the clutch cable health
  • Park in shade / Invest in a good bike cover
  • If it is a Desert Storm / Squadron Blue , do not use any shampoo/wax/polish to clean

Service Tips:

  • Learn DIYs like
    • Clutch cable replacement
    • Rear brake adjustment
    • Engine oil change
    • Air filter replacement
    • Simple electrical works
    • Spark plug replacement
  • Get your hands on the service manual and parts catalogue
  • If you care for RE’s warranty , then be careful on what voids it. Generally
    • An aftermarket exhaust on an EFI
    • Air Filter change
    • LED/HID change
    • Filling a non 15w50 engine oil
  • Get to know what is scheduled in a particular service. Refer your service manual for details . Demand everything from the list and get it done
  • Find a good local mechanic who is an expert in RE. Do NOT give it to any roadside mechanic.They usually experiment with your bike and might mess it up
  • Take a photo of your bike before giving to RE so that you may claim from any cosmetic damage occured while the bike was in their hands.


  • Kick start in the morning. Let it idle for 2 minutes. Let the oil circulate until the gearbox for smoother morning shifts
  • Carry a tool box and RE’s emergency kit which has
    • Clutch cable
    • Spare fuse
    • Spark plug ( Iridium Bosch)
  • Change the engine oil to Motul 15W50 5100 after 1000 kms . RE’s Liquid Gun is shit !
  • Keep a tyre pressure of 22 32 when solo , 25 35 with pillion , 22 30 in wet roads
  • Understand engine braking and practise rev matching / double down shifting . REs have a big single and have excellent engine braking . I dont use brakes most of the time
  • Get to know how your bike functions and create a bond with it.

Don’ts :

  • Do not change the exhaust and air filter if you have EFI + UCE . ( Classic 500 , Thunderbird 500 , ContiGT), If you do so , get the ECU remapped.
    • Learn about scavenging effect , effect of back pressure to understand why it is necessary to remap ECU whenever you mess with air/fuel flow .
  • Do not change it to a cheap aftermarket free flow exhausts
  • Do not mess with ECU maps
  • Do not run on low fuel as the fuel pump’s op temps are 0 – 60C
  • Do not use non BS IV compliant exhausts , say No to noise and air pollution
  • Do not rely on back brakes .

Functional Mods:

  • Fill handlebars with beach sand and lead shots. Add extra end weights . NO FREAKING VIBES ! . Thank me later
  • Install a simple bar crash guard so that it does not break your leg in a crash
  • A pillion back rest is essential

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