Fog Lamp Royal Enfield

Fog Lamp Royal Enfield

Fog Lamp Royal Enfield – Fog lights are perhaps one of the most important precautionary upgrades every driver should opt for. These additional lights entitle the drivers to see ahead on the road with an enhanced level of clarity due to their spectacular illumination during poor visibility at night, rain, fog, dust or snow.

Designed using state-of-the-art electronic components, AllExtreme Universal 6 LED CREE Fog Light features best-in-class CREE LEDs that have rated with a 50,000 hour life span, so you’ll never have to worry about replacing a light again. Besides, unique sealant body empowers these fog lights to work in every situation – be it water, snow or dirt.

Brighter Than Expected

CREE LED chips emit bright and white light in coordination with reflector cups to produce concentrated spot beam for long distance illumination

Extraordinary Waterproof

The offered fog lights are well sealed using special waterproofing materials along with fastening screws to enhance their waterproof performance.

Outstanding Casing

Encased in durable and shockproof cover, AllExtreme 6 LED fog lights are designed for excellent heat dissipation for consistent and efficient illumination performance.


Get Enhanced Vision Over the Road for Safe Driving

AllExtreme 6 LED CREE Projector Fog Lights are designed for use as car fog lamp, off-road vehicle spot light and daytime running light. These LED light features advanced CREE chip technology and PMMA lens to offer high intensity light to improve visibility over the road to ensure driver’s safety and reduce traffic accidents. These fog lights designed as a low power consumption anti-shock light with a new generation of energy saving parameters to ensure longer life-span, small luminescence decline, good antistatic ability and color consistency. Installing LED projector fog lights will help to gain large viewing angle, light uniformity, high brightness and good heat dissipation ability.


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