Royal Enfield Modified Cruiser

Royal Enfield Modified Cruiser

Royal Enfield Modified Cruiser – Neev Motorcycles is the fresh name amid the fraternity of motorcycle modification. Initiated by mechanical engineer Mr. Navneet Suri from 2015, Neev Motorcycles endeavours to be innovative firm. It was the dream that has started from drawing caricatures and now being molding into a working motorcycles. We want to make sure that our motorcycles would stand a class apart in this field”.

“Neev” as the name proposes entails ‘the very basis’ or ‘foundation’. We confidently believe that a well-built foundation is vital for a vehicle to last longer. . Shifting from the typecast impression of bike building, here we endeavour to give you an implausible kick starter motorbike that will suit your persona.With the first glimpse of our basic build #cruiser “Lethal”, we are giving you a purpose for your everyday #ride.

• Engine – Royal Enfield 500cc/ 350cc . • Electricals – Original Royal Enfield.


  1. Could you update me with the pictures of any of the Classic 350’s which are modified like cruisers.
    I want my Redditch Red 350 to be modified. Could you help me out?

    I’m leaving my contact number here
    Please do contact me with these details. 😊

  2. I have thunder bird 350 .is it possible to modify like cruiser and if it possible Pls send me bike photos

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