Royal Enfield Himalayan Modified

Royal Enfield Himalayan Modified by bulleteer customs

An awesome modification of royal enfield himalayan by Bulleteer Customs. Royal Enfield Himalayan Modified | Royal Enfield Himalayan D-71 Fiddler.Royal Enfield designed the custom motorcycle, and Bulleteer Customs made the project. The design draws inspiration from a species of crab called the Fiddler crab, known for its distinctly asymmetrical pincers. The motorcycle features custom paintwork adorning the custom body panels and fuel tank. The front end gets an off-road style beak, and they have removed the rear subframe for a more compact look. The motorcycle is a single seater, and the white & yellow spoke wheels shod with meatier rubber. The braced handlebar comes with hand guard on one side, for asymmetry, just like the crab’s claws. There is a bash plate under the engine as well.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Modified

Royal Enfield Himalayan D-71 Fiddler

Speaking of the powerplant, the 411 cc SOHC mill with air and oil cooling comes with Leo Vince upswept exhaust with heat wrapping. The side panel houses the conical air filter, which juts out of its enclosure for a sporty appeal. In its stock form, the powerplant pushes out 24.5 bhp at 6,500 rpm, and 32 Nm of torque at 4,250 rpm. This custom Royal Enfield Himalayan is on display at the Royal Enfield Garage Café in Baga, Goa.


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