Bullet Factory Royal Enfield Custom Paint Job

Bullet Factory Royal Enfield Custom Paint Job – We gave the bike a 30 spoke alloy wheel, painted the body, engine and sliencer a combination of darkest grey and black, gave it a special handle bar, and added a fancy light that looks like it’s shot out of a gun behind the pillion seat. This light is useful to track each other when riding in a group over long distance at night.

Bullet Factory Chennai

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  1. Nice job i have query
    1)Is this painting or some sort of coating work?
    2)Can this painting/coating withstand against monsoon?
    3)Engine also coated/painted so need to dismental the engine component and after job get done is it assembled by taking steps like OM has taken?
    4)What is the cost? Does you offer warranty on this?
    I have classic 500 black color

  2. Can we set LED doom light like Thunderbird 350.
    And I want to set a fuel indicator.
    These two things are possible to modify…

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